Factors affecting screening performance
Oct 17 , 2019

The screening performance is affected significantly by various factors such as equipment capacity and angle of inclination, in which the performance can be measured by screening efficiency and flux of the product.

Flux is defined as the amount of a desired component (undersize material) that has carried over the screening media from the feed per time per unit area. Screening efficiency is expressed as the ratio of the amount of material that actually passes through the aperture, divided by the amount in the feed that theoretically should pass. Commercially perfect screening is considered to be 95% efficient  if the process is operated with appropriate feed concentration and size particles. Generally, a suitable particle size difference between sieving and feed should be no more than 30%. High screening efficiency can reduce the qualified gain content in cyclic loading and screening and thus increasing the processing capacity of the mill.

The equipment capacity is almost directly proportional to screen width. This means that by increasing the length, there will be additional chances for passage, and will usually lead to increase in transmission and efficiency. In general, the standard size of screen length should be two to three times the width. However, certain special situations such as restricted space may require a different design.

Angle of inclination can be designed based on the desired mineral grain. For example, wet sieving angle is generally around 25 ± 2 ° for concentrator. Increasing the slope of a screen will effectively reduce the aperture by the cosine of the angle of inclination. At the same time, the materials also move across the screen faster which leads to more rapid stratification. However, the performance tends to decrease after a certain point since the slope of the deck is too high and most particles will remain on the oversized stream instead of passing through the aperture, thus, lower flux is yielded.

Table below presents relationship between inclined angle with desired product flux and efficiency.

Inclined Angle (°) Flow Rate/Flux (m/min) Efficiency (%)
18 18.29 86.4
20 24.39 54.6
22 30.48 62.8
25 36.58 64.2
30 32.37 67.5
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