Vibrating Feeder

For conveying the materials with a wide range of sizes. The vibrating feeder can evenly feed materials, avoiding material accumulation and blockage. Simple structure, easy maintenance, easy operation and control; Suitable for materials with different properties, such as block, granular, powder, etc; Widely used in various industries; Adjustable parameters such as vibration amplitude and vibration speed can adapt to different production needs and process requirements. Diverse types, able to adapt to different application scenarios.
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What is vibrating feeder?

Vibration feeder is a widely used feeding equipment in industrial production.
It mainly consists of vibration sources, feeding troughs, vibration damping devices, and other parts. During operation, the periodic vibration generated by the vibration source causes the material to move forward continuously and uniformly in a specific direction within the feeding groove, thereby achieving the purpose of feeding. The vibrating feeder has the advantages of uniform feeding, stability, and strong controllability, and can adapt to the feeding needs of various materials, such as block, granular, and powder materials. And it can also adjust the feeding speed and flow rate according to the requirements of the production process. Commonly used in material conveying and feeding processes in industries such as mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, and power, etc.

The vibration conveying structure is simple, easy to install, with better sealing performance and maintenance free. There are no transmission components inside the vibration trough, making it easy to clean residual materials and avoiding the generation of secondary metal foreign objects. Paired with a VRV controller, the amplitude and feeding amount can be controlled. Can start and stop frequently, stable performance for long-term use. 

✔  Welded feeder trough, using VRV unbalance motor, electro-magnetic vibrator or exciter

✔  Open design or enclosed dust tight design
✔  Wear plate of different materials available
✔  Gate valve, rod valve, special measurement or special discharging outlet can be added on the basis of vibratory feeders
✔  The structural diversity satisfies different working conditions
✔  Available for heavy duty applications


 The Advantages of VRV and Vibrating Feeders

1.VRV is not only a vibration equipment manufacturing enterprise, but also a vibration solution company. We welcome manufacturing companies, engineering solution companies, and individuals from all over the world to consult and exchange knowledge about vibration conveying.

2.VRV is an integrated enterprise of industry and trade. We can provide self-produced brands with original factory shipments without any intermediate fees.

3.VRV is the agent of the world's cutting-edge vibration equipment brand SKAKO. We have our own original technology and constantly exchange and cooperate with top European technologies.

4.VRV comes from China and has served hundreds of domestic and foreign enterprises. Good reputation, sincere service attitude, high-quality products, and competitive prices are widely praised.

5.VRV vibration feeders are widely used in various industries such as food processing, metallurgical powder, wear-resistant materials, coal mining, rubber and plastics, fine chemicals, new energy, photovoltaic equipment, etc; It can handle various materials such as block, granular, and powder.

6.VRV vibrating feeder not only has high work efficiency and is suitable for a wide range of scenarios, but also has a more popular feature of simple construction and low maintenance costs. The overall structure is detachable, convenient for inspection and maintenance. Wear resistant lining plates can be installed inside the conveying groove, which can be replaced at any time. Material transportation rarely causes wear on the equipment itself.

7.The core technology of VRV is electromagnetic vibrator. Compared to vibration motor, electromagnetic vibrator can precisely control the production volume of feeder by adjusting amplitude and speed (0-100% steps adjustment, immediate start/stop after switching)

 The Structure of Vibrating Feeder

The biggest feature of structural vibration feeder compared to other feeding equipment is its simple structure, which makes it maintenance free and operates smoothly for a long time. Its main components include the following:

1. Vibration motor or electromagnetic driver: As the vibration source of vibration feeder, both vibration motor and electromagnetic driver have the characteristics of simple structure, high reliability, and easy maintenance, and are widely used in vibration equipment such as vibration feeder, vibration screen, and vibration conveyor. Choose vibration motor or electromagnetic driver according to different usage scenarios;

2. Controller: If an electromagnetic driver is selected as the vibration source, the controller will also become an essential component. Its main function is to adjust the vibration force and amplitude of the driver to achieve the best feeding efficiency;

3. Conveyor body: The conveyor body has the characteristics of diverse shapes, adjustable volume, optional materials, and anti clogging. Common types include groove and tube shaped, open and closed. Different shapes of conveyor bodies can be customized to ensure smooth transportation of different materials;

4. Spring bracket: The spring bracket has the characteristics of vibration absorption and noise reduction, stable support, and easy installation, effectively extending the service life of the vibrating feeder.


Nominal length

Up to 9,000 mm

Nominal width

Up to 3,500 mm 


By VRV electromagnetic vibrator, unbalanced motor

Wear plates

According to clients specification

Control of feed rate

By VRV controller



Q1. How to choose the right equipment ?

A: VRV suggest you provide us the information of bulk material need to be handled, including the material parameters so that our technical staff will provide the most appropriate advice.

Q2. Can I buy just one equipment?

A: Yes, there is no quantity limitation. We offer not only individual equipment, but also customize production lines for enterprises.

Q3. What’s your delivery time?

A: It depends on equipment. If it is a standard product, we will have a large amount of inventory, and once the contract is signed, we will ship it immediately; If it is a non-standard customized product, we still need to spend time producing it. Normally it will take 1 to 3 months.

Q4. What’s your price terms and payment terms?


Q5. How to guarantee the quality?

A: VRV marks every equipment with unique serial number, by which design parameters can be easily traced and after-service can be ensured in years. VRV takes responsible for every equipment perpetually. Any issues occurred during the life cycle of VRV vibratory equipment will be analyzed by our engineers thus to find out the optimal solution. Our company is also willing to assist customer’s field experts and maintenance engineers and provide our test data and advices to help them solve problems.

More question, feel free to contact us!


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