What kind of screen deck is suitable for the screening process?
Jan 06, 2020

When we choose the vibrating screen deck, we usually make our choice according to the type of bulk material and the particle size etc.

1. manganese steel deck

Manganese steel screen is metal mesh structure element used for screening and filtration. Can be made into various shapes of rigid screening device.


It is widely used for screening, filtering, dewatering and desilting.


High strength, stiffness and carrying capacity.

2. Anti-blocking deck


Rectangular mesh, rhombic anti-blocking mesh, wave-shaped anti-blocking mesh


Rectangular mesh: Rectangular mesh is suitable for regular and dry particles with not too much flake material.

Rhombic anti-blocking mesh: If the grading requirements of bulk materials are higher and there are more flaky materials, rhombic anti-blocking screen should be used.

Wave-shaped anti-blocking mesh: It is efficient and is suitable for screening of dust-heavy materials.

3. PU deck

This material has bright color, light weight, high mechanical strength, the heat insulation, the sound insulation, the corrosion resistance, the weather resistance is good, does not need the second decoration, the color is various.

 good wear resistance, long service life, its wear resistance is 3~5 times of steel screen deck, is more than 5 times of ordinary rubber screen deck.

 PU deck is not easy to damage, long service life, so can reduce the maintenance cost.

 The total cost is low, although the same specification (area) of the PU screen is higher than stainless steel screen deck one-time investment (about 2 times), but because the use life of PU screen deck  is  3~5 times of that of stainless steel screen deck, and the maintenance and replacement times are less, so the total cost is not high, economically is also very cost-effective.

 Good moisture resistance , can work in the condition of water as a medium, and in the case of water, oil and other media, PU and material friction coefficient is reduced, more conducive to the screening, improve the screening efficiency, and can avoid the adhesion of moisture particles, at the same time due to the reduction of friction coefficient, wear reduction, life improvement.

 Corrosion resistant, non - flammable, non - toxic and tasteless.

 Because the screen hole design is reasonable and the screen plate manufacturing process is unique, the particle of the limit size will not block the screen hole.

 Good vibration absorption performance, strong noise elimination ability.

 PU material has the function of self-cleaning, so the screening efficiency is high.

 Energy saving and consumption reducing, PU specific gravity is small, the weight is much lighter compared with the same size steel screen weight , thus reducing the screen machine load, saving power consumption, and can extend the use life.

Standard or Custom Bulk material
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