How to choose a vibrating screen for mining ?
Sep 28, 2020

In the sand production line, in addition to equipment such as crushers and sand making machines, other auxiliary equipment is also needed to improve the production efficiency of machine-made sand, such as vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, belt conveyors, etc. Among them, vibrating screen for mining  is an essential auxiliary equipment.


1. With advanced structural design and production technology, the equipment parts are made of high-quality materials, and the operation is more stable, firm and durable.

2. The vibrating screen can adopt a multi-layer screening design according to the user's production needs, which effectively improves the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen. After the material is screened by the vibrating screen, the specifications are clearer and the quality is higher.

3. The amplitude of the vibrating screen can be adjusted according to the production requirements of the material.

What problems should be considered when choosing a vibrating screen for mining ?

Vibrating screens can be divided into linear vibrating screens, circular vibrating screens, dewatering screens and other types. Users must consider multiple factors when choosing, and choose the screening equipment that suits them.

First of all, users must understand the nature of the bulk material they need to screen, including the hardness, humidity, particle size, shape, and mud content of the material, and choose the appropriate vibrating screen equipment according to the nature of the material.

Try to choose the vibrating screen equipment with advanced structure and durability as much as possible, so that it is more stable during operation and has a longer service life. You can also choose a vibrating screen with a large number of screen layers and a long screen line, which has a larger processing capacity and the ability to screen a variety of specifications of materials. Try to choose vibrating screen with low energy consumption and low noise level, which can not only protect the environmental , but also reduce production costs.

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