Linear vibrating screen Suitable for all applications

VRV linear motion vibrating screens can be used in all applications.
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VRV linear vibrating screen

------Tailor made for screening multiple materials

VRV linear motion vibrating can be used in all applications. Industries to use such screens are mining, quarrying, power generation, recycling, glass, food, chemical, coal and pharmaceutical industry. Everywhere, where a roughly screening and separation of fine and gross material are needed.


✔  Single or multi deck design

✔  Reasonable vibration parameters avoid the natural frequencies of the sieve body and reduce the resonance effect

✔  The side panels and stiffeners are riveted or welded according to the application requirements, avoiding weaknesses or tensions in the metal that may be caused by welding, improving the strength and rigidity of the side panels and the reliability of the equipment

✔  Box beam construction is adopted on the girder of the exciter and the cross beam of the screen frame. The internal stiffeners enhance the rigidity and strength of the screen and lighten up the machine, so as to improve the efficiency  and reduce the power consumption

✔  The girder of exciter and the cross beam are annealed to eliminate the stress after welding.
Machining between sections of girders and side panels

✔  Long lifetime ( screen frame up to 10 years, drive up to more than 60,000 hours)

Key Data

Nominal length                       200 to 11,000 mm

Nominal width                        50 to 4,500 mm 

Multiple deck variant             available in special design

Acceleration of screen           up to 6g

Drive                                          VRV unbalanced motor or exciter



Q1. How to choose the right equipment ?

A: VRV suggest you provide us the information of bulk material need to be handled, including the material parameters so that our technical staff will provide the most appropriate advice

Q2. Can I buy just one equipment?

A: Yes, there is no quantity limitation. We offer not only individual equipment, but also customize production lines for enterprises.

Q3. What’s your delivery time?

A: It depends on equipment. Normally it will take 1 to 3 months.

Q4. What’s your price terms and payment terms?

A: We accept EUR and USD,

Q5. How to guarantee the quality?

A: VRV marks every equipment with unique serial number, by which design parameters can be easily traced and after-service can be ensured in years. VRV takes responsible for every equipment perpetually.

Any issues occurred during the life cycle of VRV vibratory equipment will be analyzed by our engineers thus to find out the optimal solution. Our company is also willing to assist customer’s field experts and maintenance engineers and provide our test data and advices to help them solve problems.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.